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Winter league: the final round

2013/14 Winter League WinnersThe final round of the Cornwall Winter League, held at the Star Inn, St Day, on 9 March, saw a last-minute upset at the top of the table. First place finally went to the Penzance team of Richard Lapworth and Arnaud Ruetsch, third at the end of the last round, with a cumulative total of 13 wins, 51 league points (wins plus events attended) and a points difference of +46.

Their league points score just edged Richard and Arnaud the title over runners-up Simon Penna and Rob Sullivan, who also had 13 wins but only 49 league points; Simon and Rob's points difference, however, was a magnificent +101.

Third place in the competition went to Ray Beresford and Susan Williamson: dropping a couple of games in this final match cost them the lead they had held during the two previous rounds. Their final tally was 12 wins, with 48 league points and +61.

In fourth place came Pete 'PD' Downing and Graeme Kirkham, with 11 wins, followed by Sue Hardy and Markku Hypponen with 8, just ahead on league points of Pete English and Roy Pemberton (aided in this round by Terry) who also had 8 wins.

Andrew and Sarah Jarvis took seventh place with 7 wins, closely followed by Colin 'Boot' Booth and Barney Knapp, also with 7 but lagging on league points. Boot and Barney's late return to the competition caused much of the upset at the top of the table, as the draw put them against both the second- and third- placed teams and they won both games.

The 2014 Kernow season will open with the traditional Easter Egg Shoot on Sunday 13 April; the Summer League (triples) starts on Sunday 27 April. Watch this space for details.


Winter league - one round to go!

Today's round of the Cornwall Winter League, postponed from 9 February, saw no change in the top two places: Ray Beresford and Susan Williamson held on to their slim lead over Simon Penna and Rob Sullivan. Both teams have 11 wins but Ray and Susan lead on league points.

Simon and Rob dropped a game for the first time in the competition, losing to Richard Lapworth and Arnaud Ruetsch. The victory gave Richard and Arnaud a total of ten wins overall and moved them one place up the results table to third.

Down one place at fourth were Pete 'PD' Downing and Graeme Kirkham, on nine wins, closely followed by Sue Hardy and Markku Hypponen holding onto their fifth place with eight wins.

No change in the sixth, seventh and eighth places, none of which played in this round. Andrew and Sarah Jarvis hold sixth, with six wins, followed by Anthony Frost and Rod Walker in seventh, and Pete English and Roy Pemberton in eighth, on six and five wins respectively.

The final round of the league will take place on 9 March, to be followed by the Kernow Petanque AGM. 


Winter league update

With two rounds to go, the top places in the Cornwall winter league have changed again. It's still a tight race, however, and there's all to play for.

New leaders in the competition are Ray Beresford and Susan Williamson, with a total of nine wins from the 12 games played so far. Last month's leaders, Simon Penna and Rob Sullivan, also have nine wins but didn't show for round 4 so missed out on two vital league points and slip to second place. (League points are awarded to teams for wins but also for each appearance.)

Third, up from fifth after the last round, are Pete 'PD' Downing and Graeme Kirkham, with eight wins. Also on eight wins and with the same number of league points are Richard Lapworth and Arnaud Ruetsch, down from third last month; they fall behind because of a slightly smaller points difference.

In fifth place, up one from sixth and with seven wins, are Sue Hardy and Markku Hypponen. Behind them come two teams on six wins: Andrew and Sarah Jarvis lie sixth, down from fourth, with a league points advantage over seventh-place Anthony Frost and Rod Walker.

Five wins give Pete English and Roy Pemberton eighth place, down one from the last round.

Round 5 of the winter league will be held at the Star Inn, St Day, on Sunday 9 February. Fingers crossed for better weather than today's torrential rain!


Kernow Petanque AGM

The Kernow Petanque Annual General Meeting will be held at the Star Inn, Vogue on Sunday 9 March 2014, starting after the final game in the Winter League: estimated start time will be 2.30 – 3 pm.

Members with items for discussion, please forward details to Kernow Petanque Secretary Wendy Booker (see Contact Us page) before 1 March so that they can be included in the agenda, to be issued one week prior to the meeting.

All members please attend and have your say. 


Winter league dates

The next round of the winter league will take place at the Star Inn, St Day on Sunday 12 January 2014, registration from 10.00 - 10.20.

Dates for the last two rounds are 9 February and 9 March.


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