Kernow Petanque

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Making each boule count - for charity

Eight teams took part in the 2016 Reg Daddow Memorial doubles competition, played on Sunday 16 October at the Star Inn, St Day.

Contrary to good weather forecasts the day was marked by two very local torrential downpours - places less than two miles away had no rain at all - which left much of the playing area temporarily under water and most of the players very damp!

Despite this there was a good day's play and £150 was raised for Children's Hospice South West, particularly the Little Harbour hospice at Porthpean, St Austell.

Overall winners were Colin 'Boot' Booth (North Inn PC) and Graeme Kirkham (Tregony PC), with four wins from the five games played and a points difference of +25. In second place were Pete Lynas and Paul Rundle (both Tregony) with four wins and +8.

Third place went to last year's winners, Anthony Frost (North Inn) and Gordon Couch (Rising Sun PC), with three wins and +8, narrowly ahead of Mark Hypponen (Tregony) and new player Eric Guy on three wins and +5. This was a particularly good result because it was only Eric's second time playing petanque.

By chance the last game on the terrain was a re-run of 2015's tight final between Anthony Frost and Gordon Couch and Colin 'Boot' Booth and Graeme Kirkham. In 2015 Anthony and Gordon took the top spot 13-12; this year Boot and Graeme turned the result round to win by the same score.

This game could have reversed the eventual positions for first and third places, with both teams going into it with three wins. After several tight ends the score was 12-8 to Anthony and Gordon, who then had a bad end, ending up out of boules while Boot and Graeme had only pointed one. Graeme shot the jack 'over the top' (a miracle!) to take four points, which made it 12 all. Boot then pointed close to the jack and Anthony and Gordon regained the point only with their sixth and last boule, played by Gordon, which nudged Boot's boule aside to give them two. Graeme shot the nearest boule and Boot pointed in for game.

Thanks to all who took part for a very worthwhile day and to those who donated for helping us raise a worthwhile sum for LIttle Harbour,


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