Gallery 2005 – 2010

2006 Golowan Festival Penzance
2006 The Angel Headed Hipsters-Anthony Frost, Jock Turnham and Gordon Couch
2007 Cornwall v Devon
2007 Graham Hodges and Paul Rundle and Angus
2007 Kernow squad for inter-regionals Brean Sands
2007 Pop-up piste in Truro- petanque centenary weekend
2008 Cornwall v Devon
2008 Cornwall-Devon combined squad inter-regionals Brean Sands
2008 Easter Egg Shoot-Di and Paddy Johnson
2008 Richard Smith Memorial-winners and runners-up
2008 Singles winner and runner-up
2009 Cornwall and Devon combined squad inter-regionals Brean Sands
2009 Easter Egg Shoot winners
2009 Cornwall v Devon
2009-10 Winter League winners
2010 Cornwall-Devon combined inter-regionals Brean Sands Ruth, Simon and Hugh
2010 Cornwall v Devon v Great Western at Nailsea
2010 Cornwall v Devon
2010 Golowan Festival Penzance
2010 Reg Daddow Memorial winners-Roy Pemberton and Rob Sullivan
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