A Short History

Pétanque has been played in Cornwall since at least the early 1980s. In the early days much of the play was at pubs, many of which had their own ‘local rules’ for the game. The number of players and participating venues declined when drink-driving regulations and ideas about ‘official rules’ and requirements for playing areas came in!

Some Cornwall players stayed keen, however, and travelled to take part in events all over the country, becoming well known not only for their play but also for a leading role on the social side – the Cornish sing-songs at inter-regional contests were legendary!

2007 Versus Devon Squad

In 1998 a Cornwall junior team won the Division 2 Junior title in the then British Pétanque Association annual Inter-Regional competition. Several national open competitions were held at venues in Cornwall during the 1990s.

Kernow has continued to compete, not only through its own programme of regional contests but also in inter-regional events – including annual competitions against Devon and Great Western regions – and national competitions. The region currently competes in the Challenge competition at the annual Pétanque England inter-regional weekend.