Kernow Petanque Doubles 2021

Tregony 3rd October

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Miscreants! (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
The President! (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
A large and wildly enthusiastic crowd watched the plate final . . . . (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Graeme takes it easy – poor old soul! (It had been an early start.) (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Drew – must have been a good result from that shot! (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Don’t forget to mark the jack . . . . (Photograph: Graeme Kirkham.)
Sue points on the rather damp car park terrain. Mark and Pete look on. (Photograph: Graeme Kirkham.)
Mark points in the first morning game. (Photograph: Graeme Kirkham.)
Tim shoots. (Photograph: Graeme Kirkham.)
Andy Rose in the circle on one of the car park lanes during the morning session. (Photograph: Graeme Kirkham.)
Nicky in a break between showers. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Pete Tombs wishes to be excused . . . . (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Sue and Ray discuss tactics. Or possibly Tic-Tacs . . . ? (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Ray from the Club end during the final. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Sue plays a boule during the plate final. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Vicki and Graeme agree that what they are looking at are definitely damp boules. Absolutely no doubt about it . . . (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Graeme goes for the shot. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Vicki in the circle during the plate competition. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Drew puts one in during the final. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Pete Lynas in the early stages of the final; Roy and Boot await the outcome!. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Boot in the circle. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
Roy points during the final. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
The finalists in the main contest: (L-R) Boot, Roy, Drew and Pete. (Photograph: Graeme Kirkham.)
Drew Jarvis and Pete Lynas – new Kernow Doubles champions. (Photograph: Tim Austin.)
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