Kernow Vs Devon 29th May 2022 – Tregony

Preparing The Piste
The Banner’s Up!
The Flags Flying
Devon Team Enjoying the Prematch Bacon Roll
Boot : “What Time Does The Bar Open”
Andy Welcomes Devon and Briefs The Teams
Games on
Kernow 6
Kernow 3
Kernow 5
Kernow 4
Kernow 2
Kernow 1
Devon 6
Devon 5
Devon 4
Devon 3
Devon 1
Devon 2
And it’s raining again…
Game on
Half of Kernow 1
And it’s sunshine again
Rain won’t ever spoil the fun.
Raincoats on – It’s shower time!
Cloudscapes of Tregony Sports Club
Thunder – No, just showers! (After lunch break the clouds started to gather.)
Lunch break
“The Two Chefs” (Thierry & Phil)
Halfway results
Mike Anderson of D 1 in action
Ceri Davies of K 1 hard-pointing
Chris, PD and Ray
Someone lost their boule in the playground, but Liz of K 1 stays sharp.
Three quarters of Kernow 1 – Sue concentrating, Liz & Ceri looking on
Is it a hit or is it a miss?
Ceri of Kernow 1
Devon 1 in action – staying nicely together as a proper competitive triple
It’s a nice roll (… but when will it stop)
Morning weather couldn’t have been any brighter.
And the players were attentive.
President Andy giving a speech in the morning before the games.
Rob in action
Who’s worried? Not Kernow.
Games on – Mark of Kernow1 has his lucky socks on.
Kernow’s Boot kicks. (Colin ‘Boot’ Booth was immaculate in his shots.)
Oh, she’s not happy!
Lobbing on car park
Devon 1 in their first match vs Kernow 1 – awaiting their turn
The Presidents’ meeting (Ged Barton of Devon left, Andy Rose of Kernow right)
Em on Lane B – not bad, if PD’s face is telling the truth.
It’s gone, everyone’s holding their breath
Ohh, it’s a miss!
The shot – team mates and Kernow 6’s PD looking on
Devon 2’s sharp shooter Mike goes for it
Car park playing surface: sloping, hard, with some soft fine sand on top, and some small rocks and pebbles = Challenging!
Is he happy with his throw or not?
Ged’s throw on the tricky car park pitch
Magic Circle (… after a shower)
Warming up before real games
“The Office”
Mark goes gently, it’s downhill
Mark with his lucky socksIMG_4016 (2)
Liz hard points in the last game of Kernow 1 with Mark looking on
Tape measure in use, other game still going
Lots of action and game chat on car park pistes
Who’s Holding?
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