Summer League


1) Andy Rose, Tim Austin & Paul Rundle

2) (The Trinity) Chris Crane, Nicky Tombs, Pete Tombs & Pippa Boardman

3) Boot, Pete English, Andrew Jarvis & Tina English

4) (Incrediboules) Mark Hypponen, Sue Hardy, Ceri Davies & Liz Shales

Round 1

3 (Home) Vs 4 (Away) Venue: Hayle North Quay 3/4/2022

The match ended by the visiting team (4) taking a clear 3 – 0 win. In triples Liz, Sue & Mark beat the opponents 13 – 8. In singles the captains played each other resulting in Mark’s 13 – 5 win. And the doubles didn’t go any better for the home team, because Sue & Liz won Pete and Tina by 13 – 7.

The Teams in the Warm Sunshine
Liz in Action
The Captains Result
Andrew Checking Measurements
The Triples Score
Pete E Shooting
Tina Pointing
Doubles Score
Sue in Action
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1 Vs 2 Venue Tregony 19/4/2022 (Home for Both Teams)

Due to unforseen circumstances Andy and Paul were a player short. The firts game was the doubles and Nicy and Pete returned a convincing 13-1 win. The next game was the captains singles between Andy and Chris which resulted in a 13-8 win for Chris. Finally the triples and another win of 13-5 giving an overall 3-0 victory.

Andy Pointing
Pete Going for the Shot
Paul Good Flight
Nicky With Another Great Boule
The Runners Up
The Winners
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2 (Home) Vs 4 (Away) Venue Tregony 10/5/2022

Tregony home team Trinity beat the visiting Incrediboules 2 – 1. First the triples match was played, and in it the home team (Peter & Nicky Tombs) won by clear difference, 13-4, the visitors (Liz Shailes, Ceri Davies & Mark Hypponen). Second match was the captains’ singles. Pete turned out to be in much better form than Mark, and gathered the same numbers as in the previous game, 13-4.The doubles were left third and last, and in that visiting Incrediboules’s Liz and Ceri took the victory by 13-10 with one nearly incredible 6-0 end in the game. The weather was ok with some sunshine, some clouds and some light wind. The terrain was challenging with its hard and softer bits and pieces of sharp-edged gravel, like it should be in modern petanque.

Doubles’ Result And The Crews
Nicky in one of her Many Successful Shots
Ceri Hard-Pointing
The Terrain
Peter Doing His High Lob
Peter T Smiles After Having Beaten Mark
Mark Pointing
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2 (Home) Vs 3 (Away) Venue Tregony 29/5/2022

After a very successfull result against the Devon Teams the previous day, the Away team appeared to be on top form. This was carried through to the first game which was the Triples and ended in a 6 – 13 win for them. In the Singles Chris was up against Boot. It was a close game and ended in a 13 – 10 win for Chris. In the Doubles, Nicky & Pete T faced Pete E & Drew. The Away team showed they were still on form and despite a couple of good ends, it ended in a 9 – 13 to the visitors.

Pete E, Boot, & Drew
Nicky, Chris & Pete T
Doubles – Final Score
Singles – Final Score
Triples – Final Score
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Round 2

4 (Home) Vs 2 (Away) Venue: North Inn, Pendeen (1/7/2022)

Due to unforseen circumstances both teams could only field a team of 2 players. We therefore decided that we would play 3 games of doubles. After a long and frustrating journey of road closures and diversions, the visitors (Chris & Pippa) started off well and were looking strong as the first game commenced. However, the Incrediboules (Mark & Liz) made an impressive comeback and managed to take the game 13 -12. In the second game both the weather and Trinity warmed up and victory was theirs 7 – 13. The third and final game, as the piste dryed out and began to play less predictably, Trinity couldn’t retain the upperhand and victory went to the home team 13 – 9.

Chris With a High Lob
Pippa Pointing
Liz Pointing
Final Score First Game
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1 (Home) Vs 2 (Away) Venue: Clay Trail, Bugle (12/7/2022)

Andy and Paul had “stringed” an area to provide a suitable piste for the games. The firts game played was the doubles which started with neither side showing a clear advantage as the scores were level at 5 all and then 7 all followed by 8 all! The home team then started to edge ahead and secured a 13 – 9 victory. Next came the singles. Andy soon took the lead and Chris failed to gain points. A good victory for Andy 13 – 4. The Trebles were last. Andy & Paul were allowed to play with 3 boules each. (With hindsight perhaps a mistake?!) With Trinity with 2 boules each couldn’t gain the upperhand and were defeated 13 – 5. A clean sweep for the home team!

Pete in the Ring
Nicky Pointing
Andy Shooting
Paul Pointing
The Winners! – Paul & Andy
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